Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My life reach a turning point

Lately my life reach a turning point. 

I was very anxious and i could not figure out what i really wanted to do. Because i wanted to have solid foundation on many domains , i began to lose myself. 
"Is the illustration really what i want to do?" 
" Is it not by default thinking that i couldn't do concept art anyway?"
I always loved color, painting is my favorite media,  digital or traditional. The problem is that 's important to know the anatomy (especially for the characters). If you learn a minimum anatomy, you will be able to place your shadows and your lights.

The last "portrait" painting that i did 2 years ago 

I started to work on anatomy, and to do illustrations in a cartoon style, thinking that i was unable to do better. Recently, i missed painting terribly. I started to paint and i didn't understand what happened to me. Unconsciously during all this time i had to assimilate things because my level improved well without i painted a face for 2 years. I did landscape but i feel like it's not the same ? 

So ! I am back on board, and i will reach my goal to become a good concept artist !
If you have doubts honestly you should not give up ! Even for a sec ! And especially if your are self taught.
It's very hard to keep going when you don't have the right environment to work but all the efforts be worth the troubles. I am lucky, i am surrounded by great people and have friends who boost me everyday !

If it can help some, here are the steps of the painting concerned :


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New beginning for this blog

As you may have noticed it, i have so much trouble to keep this blog updated. I kept asking myself if i was going to drop it or not because with my Tumblr and Instagram accounts i already post my work twice, so it's finally pretty useless. The advantage of a blog is that you can write there easily , where instagram or Tumblr are usually used for pictures.
I need to oriente myself in something more personal, a place where i could talk about my desires, my goals, questioning etc .
Of course i will always post my work here but with a text much more detailed than a simple legend as i used to do.
It will also be an opportunity to keep a written trace of every single game i play. I used to do a review on my Facebook every time that i finished a game but i find it finally more enjoyable to talk about it here. This will allow those who want to discover some new games or get an idea of them, and for me to keep a trace of my adventures !
I will also illustrate some posts with photographies.
This blog will really be the opportunity to test new things and will work like a diary, no pressure, and i will post when i feel the need.
And as one of my main goal is to improve my english, the blog will be entirely in the language of Shakespeare.
Hope you will like it !


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Youtube channel

Quick update to say that i've open a youtube channel. I will post some art book flip through and maybe some drawing or painting videos.

Here is my first one :

The art book of Zootopia, a really good one where you can found character designs, digital paintings, tips, backgrounds... If you hesitate to buy it , it may help !

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tried graphite

Hi !

New blog ! Hope you like it :) I will add few things in the future.

Sooo, i have been working on several things those last weeks. Here is few !
I love the work of Annette Marnat so I tried for the first time the graphite pencil. The rendering pleases me so bad. I hope to test other little things soon.

I have been playing Night in the woods and this game is awesome !! The naustalgia that emerges from the game, the incredible soundtrack, the graphics, the scenario, and especially the characters and their relationships ! I loved everything ! I wish i could have played it longer .

I've finally seen Moana too. A beautiful film, especially graphically. Another princess without prince, it is rather pleasant! A very very funny movie :'D , i loved the character Tamatoa, really excellent. I was shocked how he beated maori's ass !

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Studies gouache

I've been trying to learn gouache lately, so here are some studies that i did few times ago.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Portraits character design

Sorry for not posting ... again. I've been so busy that i forget to post here.
Here is some character design : animated gif from coraline movie, Ilima from pokemon and the last one from imagination.

Monday, September 5, 2016

I am alive !

Can't believe it been already 8 months since my last post !
"Time waits for no one ".

Here some drawings i did those last monts , before this summer . Mostly observations and some movement (10sec) to improve my line.